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Our Vision

We believe in a financial sector that actively supports a sustainable society in the profitable pursuit of long-term opportunity and social well-being in respect of and compliance with rules and regulations.

Our Mission

The ‘Institute for Financial Integrity and Sustainability’ IFIS – is a forum to promote integrity and sustainability practices in financial institutions and markets, bringing together practitioners from financial institutions and other stakeholders from within and outside Luxembourg.

IFIS believes that the long-term profitability, sustainability and social utility of the financial marketplace in Luxembourg and beyond is best served by the transparent exchange of knowledge and experience and an open and active debate of the issues of financial integrity and ethical behaviours.

Our Principles

Sustainability and integrity go with transparency, and social responsibility. They are key principles for the financial sector to develop further in harmony with regulatory, oversight and enforcement actions and activities of national financial centers and jurisdictions.

Every year the Institute will select and rank candidates that have been able to demonstrate excellence in achieving and applying the above principles in their daily business. The winner will be recognized for its outstanding achievement in a public ceremony.

IFIS promotes transparency of purpose and methods within the financial markets and constructive dialogue within and outside the global financial sector.

As a Forum, IFIS engages with its members and partners in a collaborative and supportive spirit through the facilitation of discourse between, and research conducted by professionals from industry, non-government and government organizations, and academia.

To better support and foster innovation when taking into account financial integrity and sustainability IFIS support the development of Fintechs which serve these principles

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