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Advantages of being an IFIS member
  1. Preferential access to high-level speakers in a restricted business environment.

  2. Preferential access and opportunities to build and participate to the Institute's research.

  3. Participation in IFIS' award program.

Membership application

We welcome new applications to our organization.  Membership is open to qualified professionals, financial services providers and services providers to the financial industry. Trade and professional associations, as well as academia and other research bodies may join the a.s.b.l.

The Institute for Financial Integrity and Sustainability offers 3 membership types: Corporate membership, Individual membership and Honorary membership

Corporate membership offers the possibility to register up to 8 individuals of the same legal entity as members, and all individuals from the entity benefit from all the services of the association.



Honorary Members are persons recognized for their commitment to ethics and integrity and to the mission and purpose of the a.s.b.l.   They pay no membership dues.


They do not have any voting rights. Honorary members may opt to become Individual or Corporate members including the corresponding rights and obligations.

Once you have decided on your membership type, please submit your application to be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, together with a short bio, and sign the Code of conduct.   Please allow 2-3 weeks to the Board for review of your application.  As soon as it is approved and dues are paid, you will be notified via email and granted access to all members-only benefits.




Joining Contribution




Corporate membership

Individual membership

1                          -                   1.500

1                          -                     250

Individual Membership

1 member


For individual professionals, academic and retired professionals

1 vote at the AGM

Corporate Membership

Up to 8 delegates


For firms and organizations having designated representatives

1 vote at the AGM

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