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We have the pleasure to announce the rescheduled date for our conference with Ms Katharina BRYAN, Senior Manager of Sustainability Reporting & ESG at Amazon (previously Head of Cabinet of a Member of the European Court of Auditors).  On 28 February 2023, Ms Bryan will be talking about

"Sustainability Reporting: Trust, Transparency, and the Role of Auditors.

​What auditing can add to sustainability reporting.”




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Katharina Bryan

Katharina Bryan worked at the European Court of Auditors (ECA) for 13 years and is an expert on EU institutions, policy and audit.  Thematically, her career has focused on sustainability, climate change and energy.  Originally invited as Head of Cabinet of a Member of ECA where she developed and supervised strategy, audit work and stakeholder engagement, she is now responsible for developing public policy for Sustainability Reporting and ESG at Amazon.


In this talk, Katharina will speak in a personal capacity on what auditing can add to sustainability reporting and the challenges facing the public and private sectors.

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