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We had the pleasure to host an Evening Conference & Reception with Nadia Humphreys,

Global Head of the Regulatory & Climate Solutions Team at Bloomberg, on 6 November:


Climate and Bio-Diversity Risk ?

“Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination”
















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Success Spotlight: IFIS Lunchtime Conference & Walking Lunch

"How early do we develop financial confidence ? " Dr. Mara C. Harvey answered this pivotal question as our keynote speaker during the recent IFIS Lunchtime Conference & Walking Lunch

Centered around “A Gender Lens on Generational Wealth Transfer and Financial Literacy: Diversity, Literacy, and the Financial Sector,” the event was a co
nfluence of profound insights and stimulating discussions.


Here is a snapshot of the event's highlights. A big thank you to all who contributed to its success: our distinguished Keynote Speaker, Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, CEO of VP Bank Switzerland, who shared her wealth of experience and insights, our esteemed panellists, Prof. Skerdi ZANAJ of the University of Luxembourg, and Dr. Tahereh Pazouki, Ph.D , Founder and CEO of Magrid Learning Solution, for their invaluable contributions and enlightening discussions during the course of the panel discussions, and Mr Claus Jørgensen and VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA, which made this event possible thanks to their generous support.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events from the Institute of Financial Integrity and Sustainability (IFIS) as we continue to foster dialogue and promote best practices in the financial sector.


Since 2009 a number of our founders saw the need to foster fairness, transparency, responsibility and accountability in the financial sector.  Financial market players are best served by an open and active debate of the issues of integrity.

Ten years on, integrity, sustainability and trust have become driving factors for lasting success in the financial markets and mutual acceptance by all stakeholders – market actors, regulators, governments, clients and civil society at large.  They are fundamental for doing business with a long-term perspective.

Hand in hand with the refocusing of the approach, including formulation of vision and mission statements, goes the introduction of our name: the


 ‘Institute for Financial Integrity and Sustainability’ – ‘‘IFIS”

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